Car Title Loans Alberta

Snap Car Cash is proudly serving Car Title Loans Alberta through our Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer locations. Whether you need a car title loan, a personal loan, an equity loan or loans against car title, we can help you. We offer open loans with easy approval, let our unsurpassed customer service get you the money you need. We guarantee the lowest rates, the longest terms, and the fastest approvals.

People with bad credit scores who are in need of instant cash can apply for these loans easily with us. We help our customers deal with their financial crisis and get loan approval as quickly as possible. We don’t let your credit history come in between.  Just apply for your loan and get the funds within the same day.

Car or Vehicle Title Loans is an immediate way of getting funds using the title paper of your car. This title paper is also known as a pink slip. Easily solve your financial problems by using your car title papers as collateral and getting the funds you need based on the equity value of your car. What does collateral mean? In a secured type of loan, collateral is a valuable asset that is used as security for a loan. In the worst-case scenario if a client is unable to pay back the loan the lender would have the rights to take whatever asset was used for collateral to make up for the money owed. The collateral, like in this case would be the vehicle title papers.

Car Title Loans Alberta

Why Choose Snap Car Cash for Car Title Loans Alberta:

    • No Job Requirements
    • Get Cash within the Hour
    • Easy Payment Options
    • Hassle-Free Application
    • Longest Term Loans
    • Up To 5-Year Terms
    • 100% Confidential
    • 5 Minute Pre-approval
    • Quick and Trouble-Free
    • Any Credit Accepted

How to Apply For Loans Against Car Title in Alberta?

  1. Call us or apply online
  2. Easy paperwork
  3. Get cash on the same day
  4. Keep driving your car

Requirements for Vehicle Title Loans

1. A fully paid for vehicle that is under ten years old
2. A lien-free vehicle title
3. Proof of permanent residence
4. Vehicle registration papers
5. Vehicle insurance papers
6. A valid Canadian driver’s license
7. A second set of keys to your vehicle

If you fulfill the above criteria, your vehicle will be inspected to evaluate how much you can borrow.

Application Process

Step-1: Call us or fill up the online application form
Step-2: Complete the necessary paperwork
Step-3: Get your loan approved
Step-4: Borrow cash within 24 hours after approval

If you are facing an economic crisis, stop browsing about ‘title loans near me’ and set your financial worries to rest. Contact us at our (toll-free number) 1-888-886-SNAP (7627) or apply online to know more about car title loans.

To get an estimate for your loan amount, use our loan calculator and learn how much money you can borrow.