Don’t Worry About Prepayment Penalties!

You’re In Good Hands With Snap Car Cash!

Are you facing an emergency where you need cash quickly and don’t have the money you need?  An auto title loan may be able to help! It works by borrowing against the equity of your vehicle to get the cash you need quickly.  Generally, your vehicle needs to have a lien free clear title.

Are you are worried about bad credit hindering your approval for a loan?

If this question pertain to you, it’s time to consider a new and easier way to get your hands on the cash you need with vehicle title loan in Canada. Many traditional lenders usually have you jump through hoops and sign your life away with a contract. Even after dealing with all the contingencies associated with vehicle title loan applications, it’s not guaranteed you will be approved. Most Canadian title lenders will factor in your credit score.

Where can you find a trustworthy lender who values you as a customer and isn’t going to con you out of your money? Snap Car Cash, can provide you the cash you need and more!

Our loan representatives go the extra mile to provide immediate financial relief for customers.  We make it easy for our clients to obtain the needed cash.  Here is what to expect when you choose us:

  • Easy Application Process: Apply online or call us.


  • Poor Credit? No Credit? No Problem: Once approved, your car title serves as collateral. We rely on the value of your vehicle rather than credit history.  We provide secure financing methods.


  • Easy Cash Approval: We lend up to $50,000. The amount depends on the value and condition of that car.


  • Drive Away With Your Car And Cash: Your vehicle is now your credit. Once you’ve obtained the car title loan, you can drive away with your car and cash.


  • No Credit Checks: You don’t have to go through any credit checks to get approved for an auto title loans with us. These loans are based on the value and condition of your vehicle.


  • No Job Requirements: There is no employment evaluation required to get the title loan.


  • No Early Payment Penalties And Flexible Payment Options: We provide the most flexible, convenient, stress-free payment plans for our customers. We also don’t charge any extra fees or prepayment penalties. So, don’t worry and repay in easy installments.


  • Long Loan terms: Our loans have the longer loan term up to 5 years.


  • 70% Lower Interest Rates Than Our Competitors: Our car title loans have a tendency to work out less expensive with lower rates of interest..


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