Explore The Pyramid Of Giza With Fast Loan Barrie Ontario

Pyramids are one the architectural wonders in Egypt that house the tombs of the pharaohs. It reminds us how Egyptians glorify life after death. Khufu, the Fourth Dynasty pharaoh, built the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is so huge that its base covers 13 acres which took 20 years to build. So pack your bags and discover the Pyramid of Giza using your fast loan Barrie Ontario.

Top Reasons to Visit The Pyramid Of Giza

This structure is so impressive that millions of visitors travel to this place to experience its magnetic charm. Let us learn some amazing facts that will surely entice you to glimpse this incredible work of the ancient world.

  • It is the oldest among the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Pyramid of Giza is the oldest among the seven wonders of ancient times. And it is not only the oldest, close to 4,500 years old but the most preserved and largely intact. It remains standing and in excellent condition, while the others were destroyed over the centuries that passed.
  • The tallest structure during ancient times. It stands 481 feet tall, the tallest structure in the world up to 1311 C.E.
  • It was built from millions of stone blocks. The Pyramid of Giza was made from more than 2 million stone blocks. Quarried and cut to create this architectural wonder, a tribute to the power of an Egyptian pharaoh. 

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