Installment Loans Are The Best Way To Get Instant Money!

Sometimes circumstances arise and require quick cash for emergencies like medical bills, school expenses, or home improvements. It can also become difficult to get a loan if you have  bad credit history. With unexpected emergencies your monthly budget becomes unbalanced and you need instant cash to cover financial problems. Some financial problems that can arise are:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Overdue bill payments
  3. Divorce
  4. Unexpected expenses

These problems can be easily solved by getting an Installment loan from Snap Car Cash. Car title loans, car collateral loans and bad credit car loans are also different name for a type of  installment loans. If you own a lien free vehicle, then you can easily get an installment loan with us. These loans use your car as collateral or security for the loan. It also uses your car to determine get the loan amount you can borrow. Borrow up to 50,000 accompanied with the  lowest interest rates in the industry.

Installment Loans are also useful for college students. From textbooks, to tuition, college is filled with many overwhelming expenses. All of these expenses  can lead college students into a financial pinch. A great option to free college students from financial burden is an installment loan. Snap car Cash has highlighted many benefits that installment loans have.

As long as you handle it responsibly and make your payments on time, an installment loan can have a positive impact on your credit profile.

Some Benefits Of getting Installment Loans with Us:

No Credit Checks

A major benefit of the installment loan at Snap Car Cash is the fact that no credit check is needed when applying for a loan. This makes the process of getting your much needed funding faster. Credit checks can be a major barrier for many people looking to obtain a loan due to the fact that most people don’t have a good credit status.

Fast Funding

Once your application is pre-approved you are only one step away from receiving your funds. Snap Car Cash knows how important time is and how crucial it is to get  funding quickly. That is why we provide the cash you need in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Manageable Payment Plans

Unlike payday loans that have stressful short term payment plans, installment loans typically are a longer term option. Our payment plans are much longer up to 5 years. We want to reduce financial stress and provide a comfortable time frame to repay the loan.

No prepayment Penalties

A loan can be paid off at any time with no early payment penalties. So you can payback your loan anytime according to your budget..

Interest Rates

We will beat any interest rate quoted from our  competitors. We provide up to 70% lower interest rates than our competitors.

Keep Your Vehicle

You can keep and drive your vehicle as normal for the entire duration of the loan.

Borrow large amount of money quickly

You can borrow large amount of money  based on your vehicle’s market value and condition.  Get your cash as quickly as within an hour.

Call Us or Apply Online & Get Approved

Get your money by giving us a quick call or applying online. We will approve you instantly.

Easy Paperwork

Our loan process requires minimum paperwork and documentation.

Keep Your Car and Drive Off with Cash

You can keep your vehicle with you while you loan with us. We do not keep or store your vehicle like other lenders.

Obtain Cash

We provide same day cash to our customers. Getyour cash and simply drive away with it.

Requirements to get an Installment Loan from Snap Car Cash

  • You must be of legal age or older within your respected province.
  • You must own a vehicle.
  • You must have clear title to your vehicle.
  • You must have the vehicle registered and insured in your name.
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license is required.
  • You must have a proof of permanent residency
  • You must have a vehicle that is no more than 10 years old.

Get Instant Approval For an  Installment Loan Now!

We want our customers to get approved instantly and receive the cash as fast as possible. Our whole process is designed to provide instant online loan approvals. Use our simple and secure application to apply online now.  Call us (toll free) 1-888-886-SNAP(7627) now or apply online by filling out our online application form. We aim to provide the best customer service and create a comfortable business environment for our customers.


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