Minimum Credit Score Loan- Financing At Its Best

To start with, let us understand the concept of minimum credit score loan. We all know that a credit score is the number one priority whenever someone applies for a loan. Any credit lend institute will ask for a decent credit rating before moving on to other requisites. A lot of Canadians rejections from banks or traditional lenders because their credit score is less than the required number. Every finance case may have a different credit score requirement. Car loans or personal loans can be provided with a minimum credit score in the range of 600-650 also while heavier loans like house loans etc. require a higher rating in the range of 700-750. One can check their credit scores online and what all loans they can apply for. It is essential to check the credit rating of a person before lending him the money to ensure that money will be returned with interest. This is for people who have good credit scores and can easily get unsecured loans.

Now comes the turn of the people who have poor credit scores. Because of some reason or other, they have dented their credit history and stand a minimal chance of getting a personal loan from a bank. It could be because of poor decisions. There are people who are in the process of making a fresh start and thus have no credit history at all. What happens when these people face problems such as urgent house renovations, school tuition, delay in salary, etc. Can they get help? Do they have to sell their assets? Do they have to take on a second or a third job? Do they have to put their dignity at stake and turn to their family for assistance? The answer is a big NO! All they have to do is use their assets as collateral and take out a short term loan. There’s no need to panic when in financial distress. There is a way out instead of freaking out.

Talking about the way out, Snap Car Cash is a leading provider of car title loans which are the best fit for people with low credit scores. No bank or finance union can do what we do for people with poor credit history. This is because these people are perceived as defaulters and banks don’t want to provide them with secured or unsecured loans of any type. We are the best minimum credit score loan dealer in Canada who accept clear vehicle title documents as collateral and lend money according to its equity worth. We do not ask for a good and reputable credit history. Our loans are backed by the surety of your title documents. We also don’t need any income proof because of the same reason. It just doesn’t end there. When you choose us for your financial needs, you get lots of benefits. Below are the additional benefits we offer.

Benefits you get:

There are absolutely no credit checks done as we do not base our loans on credit scores. This saves a lot of time in cross-checking and approvals are provided faster.

Payout your loan early if you want as we won’t charge any penalties for doing so. We understand that these loan requirements are for a short span and the borrower can easily pay the complete loan when a paycheck arrives or maybe when you get a bulk payment from your business. Hence, no prepayment penalties.

We offer loan terms of upto 5 years giving you ample time to arrange for monthly installments. Get your peace of mind by paying affordable amounts on a monthly basis.

No job requirement is the paramount benefit that attracts the crowd. Some have small businesses that they want to expand. Some people have low income or are in between jobs.
Hold on to your car while you pay the monthly installments. We do not keep your car. All we keep is the title for the duration of the loan. Your car is yours and we know how difficult it is in today’s world to commute without one.

We are a company that believes in helping people when it is most required. So for the same reason, we process all minimum credit score loan requests on the same day of receiving them. If all the documents are in place we can provide the cash in under 24 hours. This allows people to resolve their money issues quickly.

Having low income or poor credit score should not hold you back from enjoying and living your life to the fullest. It’s all about how well you can handle yourself under financial pressure. Resources are always there, we just have to know how to use them. A car title loan from us will definitely help you in times of financial need. Call us toll-free 1-888-886-7627 or visit our website and apply online today!

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