Need Help With Your Rent? Get Specialized Car Equity Loans Toronto Ontario

If you don’t pay rent in Canada, your landlord can kick you out legally by going to LTB or Landlord Tenant Board. Although, your landlord cannot evict you without giving you a Notice to End your Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent. Nevertheless, you still have a problem if you don’t have money for your rent. You may get a loan like specialized car equity loans Toronto Ontario, to address your immediate need while reviewing your financial status.

What Your Landlord Can Do To You If You Don’t Pay Rent?

  • Your landlord can evict you. Your landlord can give you an eviction notice. When you receive it, you have 14 days to cancel the notice and settle the matter if you pay monthly and seven days if you pay weekly.
  • Your landlord can demand payment only without eviction. The landlord may not have the desire to evict you and want you to pay. He can still apply to the Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) for an order to let you pay your rent.

It is still best to talk to your landlord if you have a problem with your rental payments. He might be willing to delay your payment as he understands your predicaments.

Ways To Address The Immediate Need For Money

You don’t have a choice but to pay your rent or get evicted. But you still have some options to get money for your rent.

  • Pawn your jewelry. If your need is not that big, you can pawn your jewelry pieces to solve your rental problem.
  • Ask for help from relatives. If you don’t want to take a fast loan or a car pawn loan, you can ask your relatives for help.
  • Get a loan. If other options don’t work, you can get an easy Car Equity Loans Toronto Ontario. It has flexible loan payment terms that suit your situation and give you the fast cash you need.

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