Quick Hassle Free Auto Loan & Its Requirements


An auto title loan is a type of loan a car owner may use whenever he finds himself in need of quick cash. This loan comes with many benefits which we will discuss in a while in this blog. First, let’s get to know everything about getting a car title loan. This loan is also known as car collateral loan. Snap Car Cash car title loans are easy to obtain. These loans can be used to look after financial emergencies like pending tuition fees, divorce settlements, overdue credit card bills and even house repair expenses to name a few. One thing is clear, if anybody wants urgent money within 24 hours, a quick hassle free auto loan is the answer. 

Although title loans are a good option available for many Canadians who find it difficult to cater to monetary emergencies, it is important to use them responsibly. When the borrower has a bad credit score, he can use his vehicle as collateral to obtain the loan from us. No credit check is done nor is having any  credit history required. Traditional ways of getting a loan always require a good credit report, thus making it almost impossible for the people with bad credit to get one or even be eligible for one. Apart from no credit check, there are a few more advantages of taking a car collateral loan from Snap Car Cash. 

No Job Required

It is sufficient to use lien-free title paper of the vehicle as collateral for the loan. There’s no need to provide proof of  employment to support  your loan application.    

No Proof Of Income Needed

Unlike traditional sources of obtaining a loan, we don’t ask our customers to submit any proof of income. This is a secured loan and we want to help everyone irrespective of their income levels. 

Keep Your Car

Many car collateral loan providers keep the vehicle  as security until the loan term is over and the money has been paid back in  full with interest. That is how we differ. . There’s no need to surrender your  vehicle. You can simply keep it and continue using your vehicle as normal.

No Prepayment Penalties

If you ever feel like closing out the loan before the expiry of the loan term, you can go ahead and make an early payment.. We will not charge any sort of penalty for doing so. 

Borrow Up To $50,000 

Through our quick hassle free auto loan facility, you can easily borrow  up to $50,000 from us. Your car’s equity is its present market value and condition.This information determines the amount you can obtain. You can also easily pay us  back through monthly installments spread over a term of 5 years.

How Does A Car Title Loan Work

As said earlier, a vehicle collateral loan is a loan which is provided based on the equity of the car. Once the loan amount is decided, we hold on to your lien-free car title for the duration of the loan. We don’t keep your car! The title papers work as security or collateral for the loan. It will remain in our custody only until the loan is paid back in full. Once the borrower repays the loan, we clear the lien  on the title of the vehicle  and release the title back to the client. A lot of our loans are closed and paid off  within a couple of months or within a year.  We provide  loans with very  competitive interest rates which allows the borrower to make easy monthly payments or even go for an early payout. We don’t charge any prepayment penalties  for doing so.

Auto Title Loan Requirements

It is always good to know the requirements before applying for a loan. For a bank loan , it is advised to have  all documents ready  to avoid any delays; as , it takes a good amount of time for a personal loan from a bank to process. So, for a quick title loan from us, you must have the following documents. 

  • Fully paid for vehicle no older than 10 years(for inspection only)
  • Vehicle title (lien-free)
  • Proof of permanent residence (any computer generated  bill in your name)
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance in your name
  • Valid Canadian driver’s licence 
  • Be of  legal age as per your province 
  • Car keys (spare set only)


At times, we may not have the extra money needed to survive a rough financial situation but asking friends or family can be a little embarrassing. A quick hassle free auto loan is a viable option for people who want monetary help on the same day.  Call (toll free) 1-888-886-SNAP(7627) or you can also apply online.

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