Same Day Cash Title Loans – Now A Reality!

Getting a loan approval and disbursal on the very same day you applied wasn’t ever heard of until car title loans came. The paperwork itself used to take a couple of days. Then approvals would linger on and the customer suffered the waiting game. Car title loans gained popularity among those living paycheck to paycheck as it became easy for them to get cash loans on the same day of applying. 

Most often , a situation comes where in a person needs immediate cash and waiting days or weeks  isn’t feasible time period. Friends and family also can’t always help. What can one do in such a situation? Simple. Go for same day cash title loans. These loans are a blessing for people looking for some fast money in just a day. 

Same day cash loan is easy to get and comes with a lot of convenience for the borrower. Apart from what the name suggests, this loan carries a lot of benefits that must be known to everyone. Vehicle title loans provide  cash to the title owners in a simple way. The title of the car is used as collateral to get some funds. The requirements of these loans are very easy to understand. Let’s see what a borrower must have to get a same day car title loans.

Must Haves:-

  • A fully paid off vehicle is the first necessity for these loans. The vehicle must also be no older than 10 years of age.
  • The owner of the car must have a lien-free title. This means, the title of the car must be free from any kind of debt. 
  • The car being considered for loan must have a reasonable equity value to it. The equity value of the car can be calculated from a few parameters like make and model of the car, kilometres, year of purchase and the condition of it. All these parameters help calculate the equity of the car. 
  • Next requirement would be the insurance documents of the car. The vehicle must be fully insured in the name of the owner. It should cover the collision and comprehensive aspects of insurance. 
  • A spare set of keys that work on the doors and ignition is also required.
  • Other important documents needed are a valid Canadian driver’s license, proof of permanent residence and proof of legal age.

Same day cash title loans come with a lot of benefits. They’re all about helping out Canadians with their cash problems. If you need immediate cash to fuel your business or pay a debt or renovate your house or pay for your wedding expenses, these loans are just your thing.  


  • You can borrow  up to $25,000 
  • Interest rates are competitive and industry-best.
  • Loan term can be as convenient as up to 5 years. 
  • No credit checks! Poor credit score is not a problem!
  • No employment verification.
  • Once the documents get verified and the car gets inspected, you can keep your car for the complete duration of your loan term. 
  • If in case you wish to close your loan account by paying off the full loan before the term end, you are free to do so. No penalties will be charged for prepayment of the loan. 
  • The best of all  is the approval that you get within hours of applying. One can get the loan by taking the cash within a couple of hours of the loan process or within the same day. 

Connect with one of our loan agents today to check your eligibility.  Don’t let your financial troubles take a toll on you. Make the most out of your car’s equity. Call toll free 1-888-886-(7627) or apply online today! 

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