Use Car Finance Calgary Alberta To Visit The Cat Island

Cat Island is a long, narrow, unspoiled paradise in The Bahamas that appeals to adventure seekers. It is home to the ruins of the original settlers’ stone cottages. It is a fantastic place for those who love the beach but hate the crowd—a perfect getaway for those looking for a quiet, undisturbed vacation. Use car finance Calgary Alberta to enjoy the Caribbean sun in Cat Island if the budget is tight.

Interesting Facts About Cat Island

The locals are friendly, and the place is rich in culture and history. But there are more interesting facts about this place. 

  • Christopher Columbus originally named the island San Salvador where Columbus was claimed to first make his landfall in The Bahamas.
  • Not a place for those who love nightlife. People enjoy sun and water activities and have an early night.
  • The island is an excellent destination for scuba divers and a perfect place for fishing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and kiteboarding. The island has beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes.
  • Home of the highest point in The Bahamas, Mt. Alvernia. Pech on the top of this mountain is the Hermitage, built by a Franciscan Architect priest, Jerome Hawkes in the 1930s. This monastery is a popular tourist attraction, with a fantastic view and a perfect place to take photos.
  • Cat Island got its name after pirate Arthur Catt, and not because it is home to numerous adorable cats.

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